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Destiny FanFiction - The Flames Part 1

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[b]Prologue[/b] [i]"A devouring inferno of rage has emerged, and with it a sea of flames"[/i] This is a short story I wrote based off my idea of a new fallen house. ----------------------------------------------- Conversation between an Awoken Titan: Carden and Human Hunter: Orindus Vey Carden: So have you heard the news? Orin: No, I just got back from Venus yesterday Carden: Cayde just got intel on a new Fallen House Orin: No way you serious? Carden: No joke, cayde and zavala are already issuing orders for scout missions. Orin: Damn, as if the devils, wolves and hive were not enough. How much do we know? Carden: Very little, only that their supposed kell is a pretty big deal among the other fallen houses. A Fallen named Skaldek, but none of it has been confirmed yet. Orin: Skaldek?, you sure that's what you heard? Carden: Positive why?, Hey you ok?. Orin: I am fine; we better pray Skaldek is not here on earth. Carden: Why?, you know something about this kell, speak hunter. Orin: Yea, well sort of. It's an old tale we hunters use to hear about from the Battle of Twilight Gap. You ever heard the one about a fallen Baron that took down an entire squad of guardians? Carden: Yea I heard that one. Was it a true story?. Orin: It is very true, and that fallen was Skaldek. Orin turns and walks off heading towards the ship bays. Carden: Hey where are you going? Orin: There is something I need to do, and I need some answers. Carden: Hey! I heard some treasure was seen south of the mothyards. Something about golden age tech. Orin: Thanks maybe ill check it out. [b] - Later That Day - [/b] I was 10 miles south from The Mothyards heading northeast towards the divide after chasing a dead end; I'd better not catch carden around, I never trusted him anyway. I entered a long abandoned city, old, rusted buildings crumbling and falling in on themselves. I entered a long pathway that twisted and turned over cracked earth, hills, and the former resting place of water which it abandoned it a long time ago. As I fired along on my sparrow I always wondered what these golden age cities must have looked like. Suddenly flying though the air tumbling like a strange bird was a shock grenade. Before I knew it I was surrounded by dregs and vandals wearing orange. They smothered me I managed to pull off a few shots before being struck by what felt like a blade burning with fire. I smelled my own flesh before collapsing. I floated in and out of consciousness while they dragged me somewhere through strange metallic halls painted with orange signs and blurred fallen words. When I woke up I was in what looked like a hole. The mildewed smoky smell made my nose twinge, but it was a familiar smell. I sat up and looked around glancing my eyes and the grey stone like walls and large half circular doors. I was on a Fallen Ketch, probably in one of there prison cells. Strange I still have my ghost. I quickly call my ghost and he pops up. Orin: Hey ghost you there," I whispered. Ghost: Krrrhk Yes, we seem to be in a little predicament Orin: Little huh, that's an understatement. Do you know where exactly we are?" Ghost: Let me check. I watch my ghost float off swimming through the air as if he was a fish. He expands his shell opening the bubble to scan the area. Ghost: "Interesting, ummmm" Orin: "Well what is it?" Ghost: "If what i am seeing is correct we are in a fallen ketch 10 miles south of the mothyards?, what fallen are living this far south? Orin: "Hmmm whatever the case we need a way out. I don't want to stick around for the welcoming party." In order for me to get free from where I was being held I would have to wait, and I wait I did for hours. Vandals wearing orange painted capes and dregs with orange colored hair roamed nearby halls while faint guttural shouts from captains echoed the walls. I waited and listened to shrieks and beeps from machines. Occasionally I would hear the cry of a dreg it was entertaining for a while, it began to feel like I understood there grunts and yelps as even each sound took on an emotion of its own. A dreg soon approached my cell he stood hunched over holding his sizzling shockblade which sparked, and snapped its sharp lightning like talons in the air like a raving beast. He started to turn away when i faked a collapse, and out popped my ghost. The dreg turned back around and glazed at me with his gleaming beady eyes then looked at my ghost. He quickly walked forward trying to grab it with his other free hand. He stopped then opened the cell to examine me, kill me and then steal my ghost. I wasn't sure which one he would do and was prepared to accept the consequences of him choosing to fill me with arc burn holes. As he approached the smell of blood and smoke emanated off his frame. His shockblade approached my arm and stung me slightly. In the blink of an eye my ghost vanished, and then I blinked; he jumped back and began to scream when I grabbed his blade and used it on him quenching any chance of him startling a captain or vandal with those damn wire rifles. I carefully crept forward with shockblade in hand looking for a way out. Orin: Hey ghost, I need a way out. Ghost: krrrchk i'll see what I can do, krrrrchk. My ghost once again floats off I watch as his frame dance in the sky. I briefly reminisced about the birds I use to see in the sky. Carefree, uninhibited, only worrying about simple things like their next meal. Living to feed those you love and not having to look over your shoulder or be called into a fight. I stood there shock blade in hand in the middle of an unknown fallen ketch on the edge of depression thinking to myself what was the point of even continuing I will probably not make it out of here anyway. I was startled back to reality when my ghost returned, but the sadness persisted like an approaching fire. Ghost: krrrrchk there is a shaft over here that may lead us out of the ship. Orin: Ok it's never that simple what's the catch? Ghost: ummm it goes right though the main bridge of this ketch Orin: I knew it Ghost: Krrrcck, sooo what's are next move In that instant odd as it was i remembered a laugh with Ara a warlock awoken I have grown quite fond of. How would she react in a situation like this, more importantly how would she react if I didn't make it back? We are supposed to sit on towers edge overlooking the city tonight something we guardians rarely get to do. I smiled on the inside, my brief moment of sadness faded away to a weird fluttery feeling you get when standing next to someone you have feelings for. It's in those brief encounters or events that ignite fiery embers of fluttery delight inside you. It reminds you that you're not all depressed, barren or vengeful. I am not sure if this is the traveler or my thoughts about Ara, but I am led to believe it's the latter. She is something though as fierce as she is beautiful. Those orange eyes like mini solar flares burning into my heart. What would she say in a time like this? "Well what are we waiting for hunter lets go!" is what she would say. Truthfully I would do anything to to see those eyes again. Orin: Lets go, we're getting off this ketch. Ghost: krrchk ok! Krrck. I make my way to the right down a narrowed hall with glowing batteries and half circular doors. To the left a wall was a shaft covered with a grate. I quickly pry it open carefully, and crawl in. The air was dense with a mildewed smoke like something old was burned there a thousand times over. I crawl for a few minutes, straight then i took a right then straight again. A grate appeared a few feet up the light pierced the holes like bullets through windows. As I crawled closer I hear footsteps of vandals and dregs scurrying about while captains screamed and shouted. It's safe to say they know i am not in my cell anymore, and it had only been about 10 minutes since I left the cell. I reduced my crawl, and gradually moved my arm down to turn on my translator; a gift Ara gave to me a few years ago. "Use this hunter what you hear may safe your life someday", she said to me. That was the first time I met her and ever since that day she has become a permanent part of my subconscious, dreams and thoughts. The light on the little boxed shaped translator went green. It was hooked into my helmet automatically, but it still took a few seconds to register. Once that was done I began to hear fallen speak as if they knew English. A Captain towered with its four appendages and shrapnel launcher pointed directly at the fallen dregs and vandals. Fallen Captain: Find the guardian, or your bodies will way where they now stand!..raaaaaa!

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