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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
7/28/2015 8:25:34 AM

Fun fact about thralls.

Did you know, that despite a Thrall's appearance they actually weigh quite alot, about the same as your Dad's car in fact. This has been proven in many situations but the easiest place to discover this for yourself is in the abyss of Crota's End. The armour your guardian wears wwighs around 100Kg, plus the guardian inside makes about 180Kg. Consider a guardian moving at speed, if you were in his/her way, you would probably wind up with a broken rib or five, not to mention that you would be slammed out of the way. Thrall on the other hand smash your guardian out of the way, which in the laws of physics can only mean that they are of a much greater mass. Hope you find this fun fact educational! :D

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