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6/26/2015 7:14:56 PM

Dying light rips Bungie

I'm sure you've all seen the #drinkforDLC campaign TechLand are promoting for Dying Light and as a sly jab at Bungie. It's golden. Seriously Bungie, you need to take note, you look like a laughing stock. The whole Taken King controversy has already made it clear you're more than willing to crap on your fans and player base. No one buys into the fact it's costs anywhere near the price of the full game (which wasn't worth the price anyway). And this red bull campaign again shows that all you care about is money. (not even mentioning how it's not available to people outside North America) And to make it worse thousands of people are literally laughing at you all over social media with this dying light campaign. You say you're listening, seriously listen up. You are tearing down your legacy you left with Halo. Sincerely, a once loyal fan.

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