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Изменено (PepsiCat321): 7/18/2015 9:51:40 AM

Quick Weapon Switch

With the new Weapon Nerf, it feels like you need to keep switching your weapon instead of using one gun for a prolonged period for any situation. I believe being able to switch your guns faster would help a lot with the Nerf. If the first top row of your guns in your equipment would be mapped to your direction buttons. So if you Aimed your weapon, held (L2) then pressed a direction then depending on the order of the top row of guns I'd switch to one. So instead of waisting 3-5+ ish seconds switching through the menu, to switch to a different gun for a different situation. Because the weapon range is going to stand out a lot. It'll help people be more versatile. And adapt to the new changes. Leave a suggestion if you think of a better button combination. Or thoughts about it. I'm really on the edge about the new DLC because we'll have to keep switching guns just because the Nerf. Add this and it'll feel more welcoming

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