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7/17/2015 4:39:15 PM

Daddy - Squeaker Raid/Mission Night?

Some of us have kids who like to play with the Dads on missions and raids. I am proposing that we set up a recurring night/time schedule for Dad's and their squeakers to form raid and mission teams. My thought is we pick a day, possibly Thursday @ 8 PM ET (to allow CT/MT players to join and not too late for ET players before bedtime) where we join together and run raids and missions. We can rotate raids and missions weekly, perhaps week 1 (of each month) - Crota, week 2 - VOG, week 3 - POE, week 4 - TK or squeaker's choice. On POE weeks, we break down into smaller teams, possibly mixing Dad's and squeakers with other players to give the squeakers a chance to fly on their own a bit? I'm happy to lead this as much as I can, but I have a pretty regular travel schedule that means I may not always be there to organize missions. What I'm not sure about is whether we can set-up an open, recurring Party in Xbox, or just an open Party in Xbox where everyone can meet and then we can form fireteams. This is just my first thoughts about this. I'm pretty open to suggestions. Let me know if you and your squeaker(s) want in. Bad Daddy DnA - also known as Dan

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