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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
7/13/2015 4:02:42 PM

Weapon Balancing/Vault Space

It is rumored that Year One Legendaries won't be ascended. Only Exotics will be ascended. I take that to mean we shouldn't put much time/effort into re-rolling Legendaries or spend time acquiring current Raid weapons.They have no place in the future. Does that essentially make doing Vault of Glass, Crota's End, and Prison of Elders suddenly totally useless unless you want a chance for an Exotic drop? If so, that will make the game seem very empty for all players but new players. Year One players have most of the exotics, and currently spend time gathering the best Legendaries and re-rolling them for the best attributes. I understand the arguments about not making Year One weapons as powerful as current weapons because you want to feel like you're growing stronger (i.e. Diablo) as you continue through the story, but the need for steady DLC content will need to be increased from every 5 months. Imagine only being able to go to the next Diablo dungeon every five months. Also, because of Youtube (technology in general) no matter how long or difficult the new Raid is, you will have the solution within the first week. You will know how to do all the new Bounties, Strikes, and Raid. Grinding, though it may be, having old weapons ascend fills that time slot in from one DLC to the next. Vault Space: I'm not even going to talk about weapons. Some people don't mind just having one weapon and transferring it between characters via the app. Others like to hold onto their hard earned/hours of grinding weapons. Why have the Shaders take up Vault space? They should just be unlocked like Grimoire cards with the ability to access them for each of your characters. That, coupled with limited Vault space, and high number of shaders limits customizations without doing a lot of dismantling. Does all the Legendary Armor that we have earned from Vault of Glass, Crota's End, Iron Banner (two sets), Prison of Elders, and Trials of Osiris also become obsolete? Most of the armor have different attributes for different situations...they also look distinctly different. Is Take King armor now the best armor and everything else useless? Again, aside from exotic drops, what is the point of doing any of those modes again? How do you keep players playing for another five months and the new DLC? What makes new or old players go back to those game modes? What are the community's thoughts?

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