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7/12/2015 9:32:56 AM

Call to Arms! Recruiting all newbies, geezers, casual games and for fun gamers!

Greetings! Starting a clan for the weekenders, casual and in it for the fun no pressure gamers! None of this run run run, shoot, shoot, shoot, I hate newbies or I hate low level character buggers welcome. Clan needs to be no pressure, join when you can or when you're in the mood for fire teams. Some of us have permanent jobs, work 14 hour days, and use some of the weekend to just chill and relax and enjoy the game. We like to explore, during missions, during story mission and during patrols. None of this "run to the end to just get it over with" business. Lower Levels and those that are just starting out very very welcome! If you're high level and just want to chill and play to enjoy, very Welcome as well. Let's start a nice, friendly enjoyable clan. No pressure ever on "Have to be online this time" or "Have to be marvelous to join" nonsense. If the above is not for you, tell mom, dad, grandpa and grandma! Ask them to come join as well. Currently a PS clan, I don't own an Xbox. But if you'd like to join to run Xbox admin side, all are welcome! Ladies, Gents, old, young, all races, all religions, all possible combinations of fun loving, accepting and understanding human beings welcome!!!. Let just have fun and create a safe, pressure free and fun having clan!!

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