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7/1/2015 12:11:16 PM


Well hey there, sorry for yellin at ya in the title. Glad to see you stopped by! I just found this video on Youtube for an Incredible PvP idea! This needs to spread like wildfire! We already know we can get Bungie's attention and cause them to respond if the rollout of TTK was any indication, so lets get their attention with this great idea! The video linked explains a new crucible mode/event that would be solely based around factions.Basically: faction wars. How cool would this be? Having some context and meaning to sport your Dead Orbit cloak or New Monarchy mark? All credit for this idea goes to the OP of the vid, who goes by the name Kackis. Here's a link to his channel:[url][/url] Give this video a watch, and then share it! Don't just bump this thread if you like it, share it! Repost! Spread it all over the Bungie forums, take it to Reddit! We need to get Bungie's attention on this awesome idea, so let's make it happen! [i][b][u]This could be a reality Guardians[/u][/b][/i], it takes less than a minute to repost, lets see how far we can get this!

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