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Изменено (HeartStrong07): 6/28/2015 1:01:40 AM

Bought Warframe Add-ons and Dying Light, but not TTK

Bought Warframe and Dying Light, but not TTK I really appreciate the Dying Light Twitter #DrinkForDLC campaign and now the free Warframe campaign. I have bought those two game but not the Destiny TTK. I am sure I will eventually buy TTK but it will be in September. Edit: Sorry, I realize warframe is free. I bought in add game stuff. Edit: Sorry, thanks for advice, opinion, regarding grinding. Edit: This thread, meant to serious, is now getting hilarious... Good fortunes Guardians. I appreciate the well meaning advice abut the games. Edit: Dying Light #DrinkForDLC campaign with over 10,000!!!! tweets and pictures ...a free DLC is coming your way! Now folks are drinking for DLC #2. Keep drinking people!

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