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6/25/2015 11:33:00 AM

Define and reward actual VIPs

So, by 31st August 2015, anyone with a level 30 char will get access to the VIP gear. Thats very nice for them and is a nice way to strive for some goodies from Bungie. This is for those that are maybe new or considering getting stuck in further or returning to Destiny. It's an incentive built on the encouragement of players that fit this description maybe. Sure, they can be called VIP. Level 30 is probably relatively quick to get to these days. I've no actual idea of how long it would take a fresh guardian to get there tbh. Let me know perhaps. More importantly, what this shows is perhaps another messaging blunder by Bungie. Year 1 players are a diverse bunch. I’m considered year one if I get to 30 before the date mentioned above. So be it. But that’s perhaps the difference that is causing the upset. Along with lots of people that feel they’re all due something for free for showing their support and dedication to a game that has had it’s wobbles along the way. So what differentiates those VIPs from those that are upset by this? There are players with an insane amount of hours dedicated to this game. Players with incredible skill proven by high KD values and multiple 9-0 Trials scores. Players that actually have killed 250 Hydras or Ogres to get that last Grimoire card… The list could go on. The point to make is that there is so much data that could be used to define this kind of dedication and achievement. I’d expect that this has been considered but to implement such a reward scheme would be a bit of a job and that other priorities take over. Or maybe it wasn’t and now it is an idea that’s out there but now it’s too late for Bungie and the light at the top of the hole they are inadvertently digging for themselves is getting further away from view the deeper they go So as for rewards for a lv34 player with 600 hours and lord nows how many VOG and CE raids completed (but that still has no Gjallerboner), it just needs to have that differentiation. That mark that shows what has been achieved and that Bungie understand the support and dedication. It’s not something that needs to even arrive with the next expansion. But it is something that could be done. Now wouldn’t that be nice All the best Disco

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