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6/19/2015 4:57:59 PM

The Hunter's New Slash Grenade Just Won't Work

I will try to make this as clear and concise as possible. Hear me out. The Grenade: The new Nightstalker grenade for the Hunter subclass in TTK is called the Slash Grenade. It creates a thin, horizontal line of Void fire that damages enemies but its main purpose is to block off zones and choke points. Sounds ok. Right? The Problem: If the Nightstalker does indeed receive the Vortex grenade (recycled grenade from the Voidwalker) then the Slash Grenade has lost its core purpose. Why? Because the Vortex grenade is designed for zone control and has the potential to deal tons of damage the Slash is not capable of. For Example: Imagine you pop your Shadow Shot super and tether two, even three enemies. To finish your paralyzed foe, you throw your grenade as they can't move. Of all the clips I've seen at the E3 capture event, I saw maybe 3 kills of the 30 attempts with this grenade. The grenade is thrown maybe a foot away from the target but it doesn't kill. Why? Because the second the Slash Grenade hits the ground it spreads out horizontally as opposed to the Vortex Grenade which damages the enemy within a radius. The Vortex Grenade provides the zoning capability of the Slash Grenade and has more potential for actual damage. The solution: Make it so that when you throw the Slash Grenade, it creates a [i]Ring of Fire[/i], which is what I would call the grenade, of Void fire around the target. The target would then take the damage over time effect similar to the burn effect from the Incendiary Grenade from the Gunslinger class. The target would then have to jump out of the ring in order to survive. This would logically make sense and keeps the tone of the true [i]hunter[/i] subclass the Nightstalker provides by trapping its prey. tldr: The Vortex Grenade does everything the Slash Grenade does but does it better. Thoughts?

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