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6/18/2015 6:40:33 PM

Weirdest Interactions on the Bungie Forums

What strange, weird, or outright stupid people have you encountered here? Just a few minutes ago I talked to one of the most moronic people I've talked with to date. Here's the conversation, word for word: Original Thread: "If you check the Bungie Recruitment section it has become 90% Xbox/Xbox1 threads. Watch when trials gets released tomorrow the entire recruitment section will be Xbox peeps scrambling for teams. It's as if Playstation players have all but given up on this game. Yes, there are obviously still playstation players but not like the past." My response: "I still play, so yeah. There are still PlayStation players. I just feel that anyone who's left has made a good raiding party/etc. by now." Him: "I had the best raiding party. Hence my 250+ raid completions to your sub 50...and I haven't completed a raid in over a month. Problem is my raiding party long since moved on from this game and there is nothing I can do personally to make them come back. So now I use LFG to fill the gaps but in the last couple weeks it has been overly difficult. I don't even raid anymore. PoE when I do have some friends on. They should have released a new raid instead of shit PoE then my friends would still be here but they all peaced when they heard no new raid. They will be back for TTK but if the raid is another flop I'm guessing me and the rest of my friends that are still holding out will all leave." Me: "Why the insult in the beginning, might I ask?" Him: "LMAO why the insult? What are you made of tissue paper? You're younger and part of the participation award generation so I guess anything said directly to you and not covered in smiley faces in considered an insult? Now that.. that was an insult. If I'm going to get called out I may as well deserve it! Now to the point I was making since you seemed to miss it completely. I compared our raid completions to which I have over 5x's as you to disprove your shitty point which could actually be deemed an insult. " I just feel that anyone who's left has made a good raiding party/etc. by now." Which in other words means that you assume I'm incapable of making or attaining a good team this late in the game. To which I refuted by showing you I had a stellar raiding team that allowed me to do 250+ completions which clearly states I HAD a good raiding by party "by now" but they have since peaced out just like what I have noticed in the recruitment section. PS - I'm done with this convo - I got no time for kids without backbones." So that's it. I have absolutely no idea why he acts like I attacked him or whatever, not that I care. I just found it peculiar how he felt that I was commenting in an aggressive way lol

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