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These beings... These, [i]guardians[/i], (if that is what they are called) these, weapons of the light... Oh the light... How I despise the light... They tried to hunt me... [i]Off me within my own realm[/i]... Wait, I am getting ahead of myself. Eons of isolation with nothing but lesser, and that damn wench have left me... What do you call it, yes! "Off the rocker". Oh, "off the rocker"... What an [i]amusing[/i] phrase... I remember one of those guardians, (an awoken I believe) described another guardian wearing the skin of my blood with that phrase. (The awoken was incredibly bulky if I recall, and spoke with almost a hiss in her tone) she must have been a... Well, bitch. (Excuse my language, but I found no better word to describe her) it was quite hilarious to watch them try to make their way towards me. I still did my [i]best[/i] to make it as entertaining for them as it was for me... But try as they might, one by one my minions bested them. But one, [i]one survived[/i]. [i]That one[/i]. I had thought, [i]that one, they aren't going to get. That one is going to either end me,[/i] (it didn't) [i]or die trying. Or, try and even maybe succeed in escaping.[/i] the latter was much more appealing. It's light, even if draining, was almost too good to be true. [i]A whole meal... A whole guardian! A weapon of that... Traveler, an entire army all wrapped into one body... A body that could not die. Well, at least when it had that little ball of metal and light. A literal representation of the traveler. This will drive it mad...[/i] I was sure of it. But try as I might, the thing just. Wouldn't. DIE! After a while, I just gave up. No point in wasting assets if they would simply fail me in the end. I let her off. But not without taking something far more valuable to it than any gift, any free pass to freedom! It's ghost. I took that guardians ghost. I enjoyed its screams as I feasted on its rotting shell, relishing the taste of it's dying light. As I watched it escape, I almost felt sad... I wouldn't be able to play my "sick games" anymore... (I thank the wench for that little quote) I hear rumors, spreading like wild fire among my ranks. A new group, much stronger than the last is coming... Led by that lone survivor. This will be fun~ but my only regret? Never being able to lay my eyes upon my father. I stare up at my black sun now, and I wonder. [i]Has endless sleep left me drugged? Will I be able to make their deaths as prolonged and fun as I made the other's? I do hope so~[/i] I am Crota. 9'th sun of Oryx. Youngest of the hive gods. I only ask of all those who wish to challenge my throne, are you ready? Are you ready for what lurks within the dark below? --------------------------------------------------- Hello! I am Sal. This was the first of several stories, but please note. This was a [i]test[/i], to see what people think of my writing. Now, what I was going for in this story was a sense of mystery. I was hoping people would read this, and at the beginning maybe think this was a story about Atheon. (Don't worry I'll write one about that soon enough) but, this is one about Crota, after Eris's failed raid on Crota's realm. I do hope you all enjoyed this story as much as I did writing this! Please leave a comment telling if you liked it or not, suggestions on what I could do to improve writing quality, or suggestions on what I should write about next. Thank you for reading!

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