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Exotic Dead Orbit Weapon Idea: Orbital Decay (Sniper)

Someone had the idea of the different factions having their own exotic. The first idea that came to mind was an exotic sniper for Dead Orbit. It acts similar to Prudence II and Eye of Sol in terms of impact and fire rate. The only snipers in existence with lower impact then this are the Subtle Nudge DN7 and 20/20 AMR7. Perks: 1st row perk: Hidden Hand 2nd row perks: Field scout, Perfect Balance, Send It 3rd row perk: Dead Orbit (Bullets that miss have a 80% chance to return to ammo supply (not directly into the mag). In addition, head shots activate an effect similar to vortex grenade to spawn on the dead enemy, drawing others in and damaging them.) Barrel: Field Choke CQB Ballistics Aggressive Ballistics Stats: Element: Void Rate of Fire: 40 Impact: 13 Range: 65 Stability: 40 Reload: 60 Mag Size: 4 Ammo (total bullets/without any ammo perks): 12 Aim Assistance: 80 Equip Speed: 70 Recoil Control: 60 Zoom: 40 Aesthetic: It has the usual Dead Orbit weapon "skin" with black and white camouflage. It uses the long range heavy target acquisition "Visiersys SLS20" scope but with lower zoom, 4.5x instead of 8.0x, to make it easier to use in medium range. On it are 4 translucent purple bars as a meter to tell you how much is in your mag. Similar to the meter on the Astral Horizon shotgun. Grimoire: Made by the curious weapon smiths of Dead Orbit who looked to the stars for hope but found only more death and decay. After that, perhaps they just wanted to see the galaxy implode. The result is this masterpiece of a weapon. "Isn't it… Funny? Together we look out and scope beyond to the stars. Yet, when we go down everyone else around gets pulled in with us. Just like the dying stars….. Morbid then, and perhaps a broken truth." - Unknown Thoughts on Weapon: A weapon that can be easily used in PvE or PvP with different advantages. While it can two body shot in PvP headshots are the preferable method of killing with this weapon as it has much higher target acquisition then most snipers. The "Dead Orbit" perk can be niche in PvP but doesn't feel like a wasted perk in the arena. In PvE you'll mainly want to be taking out the weaker enemies to make better use of the vortex grenade like effect that will suck nearby enemies in for more damage. The ability to get most of your "missed" shots back can be very useful in some situations as well like taking out oracles with minimum cost to ammo. To me it sounds like a Dead Orbit themed weapon that has its uses all throughout the game and has a unique perk that we haven't seen with any other gun. What do you think? Is it an OP exotic? Balanced? Underpowered? Sound exotic? EDITS: Honorable mentions: I want to thank [b]WarColonel[/b] for the name suggestion of 'Obital Decay' as I thought it was much better then the generic name 'Black Hole'

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