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Изменено (Snakedude): 6/11/2015 7:30:06 PM

Well I just had possibly the WORST experience joining a Crota's End raid...

Well a friend of mine had invited me to a Crota checkpoint to help him finish but then apparently half his team dropped out and we couldn't do it with only us two. So my friend tells me a friend of his is also running Crota's End but back at the Bridge section and asks me if he wants us to join their game since they are short two people. I say "Sure why not?" So we go ahead and join and immediately upon joining I am barraged by a flurry of insults because apparently my PSN name is "stupid" and "funny" to them. They say a WHOLE LOT of stuff that I can't even list them all. Apparently they didn't like my voice either because when I talked I was insulted for how I sounded like too. Apparently to them I sounded like a white redneck which is funny because I'm not even white nor do I even sound like a redneck at all. He also couldnt detect sarcasm because when he said, "This is why i hate white people", I responded with "Yup cause i am white," he went on to say "thats what i just said lol." He's also apparently racist too against white people even though I'm not white. Oddly enough my friend was also insulted as well, even by the guy that was his friend too so I found that very odd. At this point shit got real and one of them essentially said to kill myself because of the way I sounded because I apparently sound like I was depressed and ready for suicide, all the while the rest of his squeaker friends (yes they were squeakers too, though the one who gave the serious insult sounded like a grown man. My friend is also a squeaker but he's a cool kid. Yeah, there are awesome squeakers as well) were laughing their butts off. How much must their lives suck that they have to go out of their way to insult someone over a PSN name and the way someone sounds like (tried telling them this too but apparently they can't hear either cause all they heard apparently was gibberish from me according to them). Needless to say, I reported every single one of those turds except my friend with the "Unfriendly" report and promptly left when the game would let me. I didn't even do a damn thing in the Raid. This all happened while I was still spawning in. I hadnt done a damn thing yet in the game. So I'm back in orbit and I ask my friend what all that was about and he tells me he had no idea. He only knew one of them. The rest were people his friend knew. Apparently that guy has some really douchy friends. Anyway, tl;dr... Tried joining a Crota's End raid, was barraged by insults over my PSN name and voice by a grown man and a bunch of squeakers and was also told to kill myself. Reported each one and promptly left the game. Their lives must suck ass if they immediately insult someone joining a game. EDIT 1: Thanks for all the kind words of support everyone. I really appreciate it. EDIT 2: Thanks to all those offering to run the raid with me even if we don't have the same console. If you are interested in running any Raid with me, I'm on PS3. PSN: Snake_Dude I do hope to upgrade to PS4 though eventually. EDIT 3: Those few that keep saying why didn't I two man or even solo the Raid, I wasnt prepared to run the Raid at all. I was joining under the assumption that a full fireteam was there and only wanted my help to beat Crota. Crota is easy enough to take down in a group so I decided to join. I didn't expect for half his fireteam to dropout a few seconds after I joined. Also I've never soloed or two manned a Raid. I'm sure with enough practice and preparation though I could probably do it. EDIT 4: Those that keep asking me why didn't I leave or report them the moment I entered, note two things. First, I wasnt able to leave immediately, the insults started flying the second I was still loading into the Raid, as in I was in the ship loading screen where it's impossible to back out short of logging out of the game (and I wasn't about to do that as I was still going to play Destiny). I left shortly after I had spawned in once the game would let me. Second, I did report them. Not sure why people keep telling me to do this or asking why I didn't do this. I said it in the original post and even in the tl;dr that I did report them.

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