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6/6/2015 5:42:40 PM

Necrocasm's simplest problem, Ammo!

The REAL problem with this potentially amazing Auto Rifle is both magazine size and reload speed. While Auto Rifles in general have always been lesser choices in PvE, they really make up for it in PvP, even after patch, after patch. The high rate-of-fire class of auto rifles are still seeing some light, like Atheon's Epilogue, mostly because of the rate-of-fire, which eats through the magazine very quickly Necrocasm has a very small magazine for the weapon that it is and the reload takes a tad bit too long for the time it takes to empty the magazine size. Selecting to one increase using the perks makes you miss out on the other as the Atuo Rifle need both to excel as both an Auto Rifle and a harder to obtain Exotic

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