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Изменено (Kyle): 6/5/2015 1:56:43 AM

Dual Wielding Sidearms...



Cool idea but stats need changed(Comment below)


I don't like the idea.


As we all all probably can concur, dual wielding hand cannons would simply break the game. But, why not sidearms/pistols...? Would it be OP? No, definitely not. Why? Sidearms stand as this: a fast firing, low impact pea shooter. It has the ability to take out targets efficiently from close to medium range... farther than what a shotgun would, but with a much slower time to kill. Dual wielding these would double or be close to doubling the damage output, but you can't ADS, double the ammo consumption, range, and stability is decreased. The reason why hipfire shouldn't be increased too much is because of one reason, the bullets take time to hit the target, if the hip fire was too small, it would be way too accurate, too high and people would just spam hoping bullets would hit. Imagine looking at your Vestian Dynasty or Dreg's Promise and seeing this in the upgrades: Single Wield: Wield this sidearm as a stand alone weapon. You have the ability to aim down sights. Increased range and stability. (Original Base stats) Dual Wield. Dual wield this sidearm. Less range. Increased recoil and slower reload. (-35% range. -20% stability. -12.5% impact. Double reload speed. The user reloads one pistol first, [if not uninterrupted by sprinting or lifting/blinking] then reloads the second sidearm on the left.)

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