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6/4/2015 12:23:59 AM

Are you a New Guardian? Need Help? Read this.

Hello new guardian. I'm Daevyn, Wraith Alpha of the Wolves of Wraithwinter clan. And I'm here to tell you that you don't have to do everything alone. A lot of new players find it hard to do many things, like Raids, Trials, and Prison of Elders 32+ because they are either a) "Not high enough level dude." b) "You don't have the right gear." or c) "This is your first time? Booted." That sucks dude, and that is not the way this game should be. Destiny is a social game as much as it is a grind, or a fps. I'm sure you want some of the gear from the raids you don't have. Or some of the grimoire cards, achievements, or just a group to play with. I hear ya. I've been playing since launch, and I still don't have a Mythoclast (literally have recieved only 3 of the VoG weapons, sniper, machine gun, and rocket launcher after 50+ raids.) So I know how it feels to want. I started a clan of mature, chill, and like minded players and we've been helping each other out since the game launched. It is our Oath to aid others in our clan with their tasks. Gotten stuck on the last requirement for Thorn bounty, yeah it sux, and yeah we hate doing it, but for our clan, it is our duty. You shouldn't be treated as a 'noob', 'scrub', or 'pug' just because you haven't gotten to experience everything in the game, or if you've gotten a late start. And you won't be treated as so with us. So click the link above, check out our clan's Oath in the forum, read what we're about. And if you feel like we're the right place for you, then send a request. GLHF Guardian, and I hope to see you in our Pack. Wraith Alpha, Daevyn

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