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6/2/2015 5:43:47 PM

360 Tripto Stone Recruiting: For those gamers who have responsibilites

Every Guardian needs a crew in which you know each others strategies and can work together to take on any situation, just by knowing your teams strengths and weaknesses. This can be hard to achieve for anyone with a job, spouse, kids, ect. Many in this position are reluctant to join a clan because of the pressure of not being good enough or having the time to commit to the clan. I am starting "Tripto Stone" for anyone to join so you can start building team relationships at any pace that fits your life. No pressure to be the best, and no need to feel like your abandoning your team if you cant make it on to play for a few days, or even if you can only hop on for an hour, we can all start to get used to playing with people who are familiar and it will only grow with time. If this appeals to you, I please encourage you to join "Tripto Stone"

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