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Professions in Destiny

Hello guardians, I came up with these today for fun. I hope we can get professions in Destiny 2. What's your favorite :) Trading would obviously need to be a thing and only one profession per character. [b]Gunsmith [/b]- Make guns and Telemetries with weapon parts, materials, energy, etc. -Arc guns use spinmetal, Solar guns use Helium, Void uses Spirit Bloom and Kinetic uses Iron. -Kinetic damage does low damage on shields but do decent damage when there is no shield. -Gunsmiths can level up their guns faster than any other guardian. -Able to chose 2 perks in middle perk instead of just one. Only works with guns made by you or non raid/exotic. -Greatly Reduced Ammo synthesis cooldowns -Able to carry a primary in your special slot. [b]Armorsmith [/b]- Make armor and elemental shields using class materials, shards, materials, etc -Armorsmiths can level up their armor faster than any other guardian. -All armor worn by Armorsmiths have an extra perk slot that can be added by an Enchanter. Works with all gear. -Armor Perks stack (Example Extra heavy weapon ammo, melee attack speed) -Able to wear 2 exotics, PVE only. [b]Enchanter [/b]- Freely change perks and elements on weapons and armor with the exception of raid and exotics. -Instead of dismantling you also have the option to disenchant gear from uncommon to exotic including engrams, once disenchanted you get enchantment materials instead of weapon parts and other mats. -Engrams and leveled up gear will provide more enchantment materials when disenchanted. -Special Enchanter only perks not found anywhere else. -Increased effectiveness from most perks. [b]Engineer [/b]- Make ammo boxes, Ammo synthesises, friendly ai companions, Ships and sparrows. -Friendly Ai companions are robots kind of like vex that when summoned they fight by your side and last until they die. You can only summon one and will be strong depending on what you used to make them. They can revive you and hop on your sparrow when you summon it. If you die and your companion is alive you can take over it with your ghost but you won't be reviewable until you stop controlling it. [b]Outfitter [/b]- Make Emblems, shaders, class items, cosmetic consumables like Jackolyte and Flight of shadows, storage bags for you and your vault and transmogrifying gear for you and players. -Emblems made by outfitters provide bonuses and buffs like the once rumored speaker emblems. -Outfitters can change the appearance of guardians but not race.

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