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NEWSUPDATE 31 may 2015 - About expanding the clan! + Trials video

Hello everyone! Welcome to another newsupdate. Starting of with my latest video of a Trials of Osiris match. Hope you'll enjoy! Now onto the actual clan news! [b]The Exceptionals are expanding[/b] I'll kick it in right away! Best news first. We have been noticing that its more and more important for people to be a part of the playstation clan and being able to wear the Tags. This made us decide to expand the playstation clan. We have set up another Exceptionals clan so we can add up another 100 members!! Don't worry, we will not let it happen that the clan we be split up. We made sure this group forum and this group wall will be the main place to be together with our official facebook page. If your interested, you can check out the expansion [URL=]here[/url]. [b]About the admins[/b] To be able to reach the goals that we have set for the Exceptionals we decided to specialize the admins with roles. Check out the current admins, their roles and read some of their personal introductions over [URL=]here[/url]. Next to that, as we are expanding the community we are looking for more community managers. What we expect from a community manager is that they keep the players close together, help them matchmaking fireteams and help them improve their gameplay, clean out members that do not match the requirements of being an exceptional and pushing the members to being involved with the clan. If you think your up for the task, let us know and we will consider it! We are also actively looking for a graphic designer who is willing to create us banners and stuff like that. If you have time and the motivation to do that for the clan, let us know aswell! It's an admin spot. [b]Member requirements[/b] Since we strive to have an active and involved community with skilled players, we will put up member requirements that each member has to match. If you will not match the requirements you might not be able to be an Exceptional anymore. But don't worry. We will not kick active players without a warning! The requirements will be up on the forums soon, posted by either Trustme or Joker. Stay tuned. [b]Iron Banner[/b] Iron banner will be up this week! Lord saladin will sell etheric light so we recommend everyone to get a fireteam together and rank up your Iron Banner rep. to get those Etheric lights!! Remember to lvl your gear first because being lvl 34 is more usefull then having a 365 weapon! Spend your Etheric light wisely gaurdians. if you need advice, hit me, or one of community managers up. [b]No more raids?![/b] Yes, we all noticed that the Exceptionals are way less on the raids since HoW dropped. Thats just a matter of time. Its no suprise that everyone is bussy with the new content. And Iron Banner next week will not help either! And its no secret that the Raids aren't as much rewarding as the new content at the moment. But don't worry guardians! It's just a matter of time before we all will be able to help out on raids again! We promise better. Don't forget we all love the game as much or even more then you, so we have to be playing for ourselfs somethimes aswell. ^^

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