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A Dreg's Promise: Chapter One (part 2)

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[b]Welcome Guardian, to part 2 of chapter one of my story. Thanks for all of the feedback on the last post and feel free to leave some more in the comments below.[/b] [u]Chapter One: Found (part 2)[/u] Rorschach. He liked that name, it had a good ring to it. Grinning at the Baroness he nodded his head, "I accept." She looked at him with her dull eyes, and called to one of her other Dregs. "Greevis, get our new recruit some armor, and Ether." The Dreg, known as Greevis, complied, and ran off to retrieve the supplies. The Baroness took Rorschach from her Vandal, dismissing him, and put Rorschach on the ground. He looked around the Ember Caves, taking in the battlefield. "You're lucky to be alive, you know," The Baroness spoke, "my Walker almost collapsed this pit on your head." She pointed at the huge Walker in the distance. Rorschach just nodded silently; he almost wished it had. Soon, Greevis returned with the armor and Ether seeds. "Greevis returns with the requested items, Miss Ventryx." He hissed. He gave the supplies to Rorschach, who thanked him, and stood next to the Baroness as Rorschach equipped his dark grey armor. Rorschach felt a rush of energy when he used the seeds, his slight wheezing stopped, and he felt like he was as strong as a Captain. "Thank you Greevis," Rorschach said. He looked up at the Baroness, who was scanning the area, "Ma'am, Ventryx, if I may ask, but why are you here? And why did you kill them? I thought, well..." He pointed at a dead Vandal from the House of Winter. The Baroness just chuckled. "Little Dreg, we are at war with Winter, we cannot afford to lose Venus to them. It is only a battle in our war against those who dwell in the shadow of The Great Machine. Draksis won't miss these ones anyways." She adjusted her shrapnel launcher in her hands, "But for now, these caves are ours, and we must prepare for our assault on Terra." Before Rorschach could question what she meant by that, Ventryx turned towards the Dreg at her side, fiddling with his shock dagger. "Greevis, get up! Take Rorschach here into the skiff, and return to Vaniks-7. Get him acquainted with how the House of Ash does things around here. Make sure he doesn't get himself killed, will you?" Greevis scrambled to his feet. "Yes, yes, Greevis will take Rorschach. Come, Rorschach, follow me." Greevis led Rorschach to a nearby skiff. Once they climbed on, Greevis strapped Rorschach in to his seat. "Safety first, yes? Hehe, yes, now we go to War Ketch: Vaniks-7. Now you become a part of the Ash. Are you ready?" Greevis hissed as he as he sat in his seat. "Yes, I guess so, Greevis." But even as he said it, Rorschach wasn't paying attention. He had too many questions that needed answers. [b]And that concludes Chapter One of my story. If you missed the first part of the chapter, here's the link[/b]: [b]Chapter Two is up:[/b]

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