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5/26/2015 2:27:15 PM

New exotic idea

I have a new idea for an exotic in destiny. It is a heavy weapon idea meant for big bosses or for just doing pve. It would be a rocket launcher that holds has 1 in the chamber and 1 in reserve. The thing with this rocket launcher is that it would have 2x velocity and blastradius of reguler rocket launchers. You would be able to fire one rocket then there is a cooldown where u have to hold the weapon for 10 seconds and cant switch to other weapons. Then it would take 10-15 seconds to reload. One roket would do about 5-6x damage as one gjallerhorn shot(including wolf pack rounds) . This would give this weapon a low damge per second but a high immediate damage. This sounds over powered but there is a balancing factor, you would only have a 50% chance to pick up a rocket from a heavy ammo pack. That would be another balancing factor. I was thinking of making it so only one person in a raid can have this weapon equipped. That way people cant take out atheon in one times vengenxe with this weapon. It would be able to one shot crotas shield. For perks, there is one that raises your chances for picking up a rocket, one that gives it tracking, and one that allows you to reload at 1.25 speed. These are the only perks but you can only choose one of the perks. For cosmetics, it would have to look badass and be a step up from gjallerhorns cosmetics. It would probably be 2x as big as a reguler rocket launcher. Its description would be something like," Oryx himself is afraid of this weapon. Who wouldnt be afraid." if you have any ideas or things that should be changed, just comment under this article.

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