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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (SKOTmustDIE): 5/22/2015 9:46:32 AM

Petition: Can we please sell synths and planetary materials again?

Yes, I want to sell materials for glimmer.


Yes, I want to sell back ammo synths.


Both, please.


When the game first opened, there was no buying of materials. I'm talking about the Spinmetal, Iron, Spirit Blooms and Helium. You just had to farm it to upgrade weapons and armor, but you could sell it for glimmer. Now that there's an abundance of the materials in loot chests, I believe that option should be brought back. There's one vendor who we visit so rarely, because all her crap is boring. Eva Lavante needs a new job, and since during the patrol missions, she's the one asking for dropped items the most, it's only natural that she would offer money for your extras. Point is, that "Pawnbroker Option" went away with the first Dark Below patch, replacing it instead with the buy-only campaign. I believe it should be brought back. Nobody visits the seamstress anymore, because she only has the same colors over and over. the emblems do nothing special unless you are working Iron Banner, so there's no present reason to go into the alley. So, let's give her a better job, and a reason for people who farm chests to go and see her. Let us sell back our overstock of materials for glimmer. We can still buy it at the quartermaster's desk, but if it's choking our inventory, and we could be getting something out of it, like we did months ago, I'd prefer to not have to delete it just to have some storage space (just to go farming again later). Everyone begs for glimmer, especially around Banner week, so let's have that option back. (Additionally, a buyback program for ammo synths through the gunsmith would be nice. To buy fifty of them for one exotic bounty weapon - [i]which will never use even one [/i]- and sit on them until you just delete them for vault space is kinda insane. Now that every ether chest gives us twelve, can't we sell them back?) Post a [b]comment[/b] so Bungie notices this. [b] bump [/b]it to help me out if you want to stop throwing these away. [i][b]EDIT: Glimmer is just what I was thinking of at the time. Marks are practical too, as are Motes[/b]. [/i] [i][b]EDIT: I found another post about this same thing. check it out.--->[url][/url][/b][/i]

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