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5/22/2015 6:04:55 AM

PS3 Voice chat problem

I'm very new to Destiny and loving it so far. I also read about the update 1.0.3 that allows for the chat toggle for Fireteam chat / Strike chat, using Navigation mode. The posts I saw about that update kept mentioning PS4 and Xbox one only, and I couldn't see that toggle on my version which is on the PS3.. Oddly enough there are no questions regarding this issue on the PS3. My Voice output settings is "Headset only" I had team voice channel to Manually opt-in, and I also use a usb earpiece headset for the mic, and I hear sound through another headset via A/V cabling using 3.5mm RCA and all that jazz. I can see the mic icon working when I speak into the mic, but I do not see this chat toggle which begs the question, was that update meant for the PS3? Or am I missin something here? Basically I don't think anyone can hear me, nor can I hear anyone so I am not in any chat. Or am I supposed to belong to some team first? Any help is appreciated :)

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