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Изменено (Quintero_J): 1/1/2016 10:13:12 PM

Need An Active PS4 Clan? Want To Clear Raids, Finish Strikes & Win Crucible Matches? We Got What You Need.

I bought Destiny on day 1 for the PS4 and got through the story fairly easily. It's only once I got to the vault that things changed. I don't know about you but I know I had a hard time the first time I did the Vault of Glass raid. It was weird having to communicate and coordinate with random people who I got together from the tower to try and do the raid with. We must've [i]tried beating Atheon at least 75 times[/i] before we called it a night and I tried it again the next day, of course, with different people. [u]It was far too difficult to beat the raid with completely random people[/u] and I decided that there needs to be a way to have a set group of smart, reliable and helpful people to beat the raid with. That's when I discovered the clans aspect of the game. I created my own and once the membership grew and I found like minded individuals. We then started coordinating raid groups and viola, the raid was no longer something that took over 5 hours to complete. [b]It takes us around 30 minutes to complete the raid[/b] (on normal) and thats a pretty consistent completion time. Look, if your looking to find people that are not only going to help you beat the harder parts of the game, but also teach you how to eventually be just as good at the game yourself, join us. We're a clan with the original purpose of being helpful to our clansmen and we're all friendly and always [b]welcome new players[/b]. [b]We also do Weekly Strikes, Weekly Nightfall and Daily Heroic whenever we are available to help. And We're pretty good at winning matches in the Crucible, were a solid all around good clan.[/b] So if you want to join the Order, all you have to do is [url=]click here[/url]. - [url=]Quintero_J[/url]

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