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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
Изменено (The Traveler): 5/8/2015 3:12:47 AM

A TRUE horde experiance (a end game horde experience to end all endgame horde experiences)

EPIC, yes give us this.


No, its a stupid idea.


COULD be a good idea. op.


EDIT: upvote this post if you like the idea, and lets get this topic on everyones minds This is a idea i had in a post i had over a year ago (see here The idea is that this is a horde wave that will eventually end, it will play ALOT like firefight in the halo series, in that as the battle progresses, we will end up with tougher and tougher enemies, (this will be achieved by majors and unique spawns, along with the enemy modifiers(as in modifier that only affect the enemys such as angry, epic, etc, sorry no burns) the battleground will be the city itself. imagine this for a moment, the skyline is burning, there is the sound of gunfire in the distance (as ambient noise) along with explosions, the map plays as a progressively shifting "frontline" though the city, you can fall back, or push forward depending upon your teams skills, the enemy is attacking the city, and you and 5 (yes this is raid lvl) friends, and compatriots are fighting in a ACTUAL desperate last stand, there's smoke, theres dust in the air, fires and screams, the light WILL fail you (loss of abilities when they are needed most) your armor will fail you (lost of shield regeneration, ) and even your weapons will fail you (the weapons themselves will experience stoppages(that is cleared by simply mashing reload) and even catastrophic failures (they explode and are lost for the rest of the game) but it will not be hopeless, weapons will litter the battlefield, both fallen allies, and the enemy's (will use a halo style of weapon pickup, picking up the first weapon you come across if your weapon slot is empty from a catastrophic failure, or allowing you to swap same slot weapons by standing over a weapon and pressing x, like halo) weapons will have persistent ammunition (as in if a weapon is dropped with 5 shots left, and then picked up by a different guardian it will only have the 5 shots left, unless ammunition is found) creating a frantic need to look on the ground for new weapons as you battle. the dust and smoke will gradually turn day into night. As you battle your way in either stubborn defense, or pushing back the darkness, the climatic battle will be...well climatic, as overwhelming hordes of enemy rush you, your weapon fails you, your armor is broken, and even the light seems extinguished, you ghost will point out a weapon (this will be different for each player, some players ghost may point out a autorifle, others might point out a shotgun, and another player may get directed to a rocket launcher) it will be picked up like any other weapon in this game (and will be yours to keep as in it will be the actual reward for beating this mission/raid/whatever) the turning point here is that there will be a over abundance of ammunition for you at this point, and more importantly ALL the weapons (barring conflicting traits such as different sights) will be activated, making these weapons insanely powerful (they will not stay that way of course). and when this climatic clash is finally ended, the traveler will awaken once more (if only briefly) sending a pulse of light burning though all the minions of darkness (ending the battle) the dust and smoke will clear, the sunlight will shine upon the city once more, and fire team, the ENTIRE fire team will (in a cinematic, the entire group, not just the players singular character) will emerge though the wreckage, in the distance, seeing more guardians emerge from their own areas of the city (this can be randomly generated guardians models, at a distance no need to be actual player for the guys in the distance) comms chatter will increase, victory will be announce for the defense of the city, (atleast for now) and the players will look off into the distance, or into the sky, or at the traveler (whatever is dramatic bungie) and the screen will fade to black, Bam, end of mission, the city is held, the light is victorious and event the traveler awoke if only for a moment. I even though of what the hard mode exotic could be. A upgraded Khvostov, that has a similar form to the original Khvostov, named "An Old Friend" a exotic auto rifle with high impact that can be changed between full auto, and burst fire, with a focus on Armour piercing (with the exotic modifier being a shield piercing and VERY high stagger chance) weapon will be high impact, and high recoil. (and kinetic damage of course)

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