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Fun With Colours

[b]So as you may know, our House of Arbiters has evolved in the past fortnight, for those who aren't aware here's what's new.[/b] [b]Individual[/b] [b]Weekly[/b] [b]Challenges[/b]: - As of last week every clan member was allocated a challenge that gained them some new experience and overall advances them as a player. I for one had to level up the worst Sniper Rifle in Destiny. These challenges are part of a ten week competition between clanmates, what you have to do to win is simply complete your challenge each week before the Sunday reset at 11:59PM EST Being crowned the winner of this competition awards a prize specially and carefully chosen to appeal to the winner, so everyone has something to work towards! Good Luck Guardians. [b]Clan[/b] [b]Achievements[/b] -This is your chance to show off your skill and prove to us you're the best. Clan achievements are goals that can be completed by any clan member, there are currently several achievements and will be many more, completing these may prove worth it ;) What you must do here is set records and break other clan members' records in achievement categories to earn your place on the achievement list. Don't miss the chance to get your name on the list. [b]We[/b] [b]let[/b] [b]a[/b] [b]woman[/b] [b]have[/b] [b]a[/b] [b]say[/b] - As most of you know Emmapie1993 or DungeonSlayer93 as you may know her is now a clan admin, she now has a powerful say in all clan decisions, don't mess with her! [b]Clan[/b] [b]Shader[/b] - As today we now have a Clan Shader to wear when participating in clan activities. Purchase the Middaye Shader in the Tower (Eris Morn Rank 3) and join us in Raids, Crucible or Strikes! [b]On Saturdays We Wear Pink![/b] - Additionally, on Saturdays you must have one of the following four shaders equipped. - Aurora Blur - Province Royale - Refraction Melt - Rosegold Honestly, think of all the fun to be had in pink! The pie has spoken. [b]Fisting Crota[/b] - Finally, this Sunday the clan will be attempting to kill Crota using only Fists of Havoc to take out Crota's shield, turn up on Sunday with a Striker and join the madness! If things go well and we get a nice positive attitude out of it we'll do more raid challenges like this. Everything mentioned in this update will be monitored by our admins, do everyone a favour and be part of the family :D What do you think of these new changes? Or even this update? Let us know on this forum! Bye <3 xXCDRageQuitXx xoxoxo

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