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Изменено (Sinfony): 5/4/2015 8:01:00 PM

{PS4} [DPS] Clan Recruiting! Friendly, Mature, Fun

Out of sheer frustration of not finding regular dependable groups to raid with, DPS NINJAS was founded by: [b]D[/b]DRgirl (USA, PDT) [b]P[/b]rez204 (CANADA, CDT) [b]S[/b]ivicus (CANADA, CST) (The NINJAS portion was somewhat of a joke. ) The founders all have Level 32's and regularly raid every week. We currently do not have a scheduled raid time, but hope to work out the logistics as we grow in number. Our membership currently spans globally across North America and the United Kingdom. All we ask is that you respect your clanmates, be cooperative in team activities, and have a sense of humor. =) Let's build a team so that we can help each other get ready for HoW and get those exotics that you're missing. -Sinfony (PSN: DDRgirl) PS: We are building our website, which will serve as a social hub. If you are interested in joining us and have graphic design, web designing experience, please send Sinfony a private message.

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