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5/1/2015 3:05:58 PM

Raised as Wolves looking for PS4 Members

Raised as Wolves is a small group looking for members so we can start trying to schedule weekly raids, and get fire teams together for nightfalls. We are trying as best as we can manage right now to prepare for House of Wolves, but with some extra members that would go much smoother. Most of our members are anywhere from level 30-32, with a couple newer players that are still in the 20s who we are helping reach max. Some of us are more experienced in the raids than, but we are all very willing to learn the ropes and make this group into a well oiled machine. We are all pretty relaxed and easy going and like having a good laugh while we are doing any activities. The group is open to new players and experienced alike. We are willing to help out lower level players to get them up to speed. And we are also willing to learn from those more experienced. Any one with VoG and Crota's End raid experience would be great additions.

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