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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
4/28/2015 5:47:55 PM

Played with my first bad squeaker the other day...

I'll help squeakers out, they get a lot of crap (deserved in my thinking) but I'll try to help them through raids. I join in with this squeaker who thinks I'm absolutely amazing just because I have icebreaker, his friend starts talking and I realize right away this raid won't ever be done (vog on NORMAL). This squeaker starts getting mad at everyone when they don't kill the oracles fast enough and that the relic keeps dying. I asked this little brat to just pick up the relic if he really thinks he can do it better than anyone here (I'm by far better than anyone in that group, either with relic or shooting oracles,) but this squeaker proceeds to bash his teammates and say "no one can kill oracles as fast as me here because you all suck, noobiest noobs I've ever played with." After he kept dying and bashing his teammates even more and saying how ctap he was, whenever I'd pick up the relic I just wouldn't cleanse him or I'd knock him off a cliff. Overall, I think I'm done playing with squeakers because of an awful experience with an ignorant brat.

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