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4/19/2015 4:11:10 AM

For people who are anti-gun in the U.S.

Take this anti-gun communist. They won't take our guns away. Why?Homeland security has hundreds of warehouses full of 22 ammo. Then after they take all our ammo we'll rebel, but we can't due to lack of ammo. Then martial law will go in effect. Soon the U.S. will be socialist country. And as it continues to go down... communism... How is this all true? Well if you look deeper into the military's plans, shockingly you'll find an upcoming program where they start training on our soil and they practically kidnap innocent people and force them to be hostages in real life situation training. And most terrifying... these bullets are clay and metal fused together. This can kill a person. And as for the warehouses one of my brothers friends is an ex marine training for the SEAL unit. He saw them. He went into them. Acres upon acres of warehouses, full of 22 ammo. So yeah... We need guns.

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