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Изменено (CarelessRook117): 4/19/2015 1:58:44 PM

Why did people like Spec Ops: The Line so much?

I haven't played it but it seemed kind of meh based on the videos I've seen and the stuff I've read. It seemed like another piece of media trying to shove the "war is bad" message down society's throat for the umpteenth time. Otherwise, it was a mediocre shooter in terms of gameplay. So what is it about this game that generated such a following? Nothing about it to me screams "cult classic" and most of the reviews for it were below average, so I don't understand. Please, enlighten me. Edit: ...I saw white phosphorus...why would anyone willingly make a game like this...? The word "game" seems like an inappropriate word to use... F[i]u[/i]ck the dev studio that made this.

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