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Изменено (Ryox): 4/16/2015 5:29:58 AM

Anyone notice the Terminus changed?

So I was messing around and figured I would go to the Terminus to do some parkour, to my surprise upon arrival everything had changed considerably. I was playing at a friends house, so I don't have any video of it at the moment, but if you go to the terminus you will see what I mean. I would have to assume it was changed in update 1.1.2. For anyone unfamiliar with the Terminus, This This is how it used to look. - Update: New Terminus > - Update: My first post and its #1 on the trending page! Thanks everyone for the support! - Update: Just checked the other two DLC zones on earth and the moon. Kings Watch (Earth) was patched (kind of) and it's now harder to get in, and the Traitors Ketch (Moon) is no longer accessible. However, the Dusk Warren's (Moon) still are. Well played Bungie... - Update: Videos relating to areas mentioned above: >> Kings Watch (After 1.1.2) >> Dusk Warrens (Video Is Pre 1.1.2) (Everything is still the same aside from the Ketch Lift which no longer works.)

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