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4/10/2015 6:38:46 PM

09/04/15 Vault of Glass HM

Hey guys. I have a few things to say here. Last night on the 9th of April, We were struggling with Templar and we were up for more than several hours trying to take him down. We eventually gathered an extra hand who's name goes by: rdTrayJR. He ran relic throughout the Templar fight and had a damn good attitude. He made all of us feel comfortable and motivated to get this done. We later finished the raid flawlessly with him, and after everyone left, Tray and I had a chat. He explained to me that he was the founder of his own clan called Princes of Aincrad. I thought that was pretty awesome because i also brought up a clan of my own as well. I told him about how i would like to form alliances with our clan and his. He said most definitely and he was extremely pleased with how chill, relaxed and welcoming our group was. He said its really hard to find people in Destiny that aren't "rude" and "douchebaggy". I totally agreed with him on that and thanked him for giving us such compliments. Anyways! That being said, we are now alliances with another clan called "Princes of Aincrad". What that means is were are both connected as one clan/community on bungie. We are still Canadian Raiding, but we have the support of another clan and they appreciate our support as well. Feel free to contact or message anyone of Princes of Aincrad if you are looking for an extra raider or someone to chill with while running a nightfall/strike, etc.. Thanks everyone for your time, and for those who all ran Vault of Glass Hard last night; great job and thanks for your determination! P.S. I have a video and a few pictures to include in this post. Cheers! ,Feo Click the links below:

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