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Recruiting For The Anti Fail Group.

Hello, This is a post inviting players to join the anti fail group/clan, we specialize in crucible, Vault Of Glass, Crota's End, Nightfall, bounties, getting loot and exotics, and Heroic strikes and missions! (Basically anything you want help with, esp vog) All you have to do is have at least one character that is level 20+ and it is guaranteed that you can join! (If you are a level 19 we will accept as well since you are so close) It should be noted that this is for PS4 members only and if you are and Xbox or ps3 then you should stop reading now. Here is my twitch ( , this is were I will be streaming crucible, raids, heroic or nightfall, etc. If you are level 26 or higher you can ask to join a Vault Of Glass mission, as none of my clan members have completed this. If you are level 28 or higher you may join a Crota's End mission. (Though it is recommended to be level 29 or 30) If you have no legendary or exotic weapons, you will not be able to join Crota's End. (No matter what your level) My PSN name is BananaPower978, please join, as we are low on members, if you join the group you must also friend me on PSN, as I also need a way to contact you and invite you to fire teams, inactivity for more than 2 months will result as a ban from the group. If you want to join just search for the Anti Fail Group, and ask to join! (If you get grounded or have to go away or something and that is why, just let me know, and I will make an allowance.) :D (Please comment with any questions) Thanks, BananaPower978 (Founder of Anti Fail Group)

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