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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
3/30/2015 11:55:58 PM

How about this for a new idea?

Was recently watching an old anime show and watched as an RPG, fired at a character, rebounded and struck another enemy. Why did we not implement this idea? Warlock ability: Flame reflection. Subclass ability to be swapped in the sunsinger class.When flame shield is active, can melee hit rockets away from you. Hunter ability: Speed dodge. Bladedancer subclass. Ability activates by prompt when a rocket is being fired at you from any angle. Titan ability. I am normally a titan defender and striker primarily and I actually say the titan class, with ward of dawn already destroying any projectiles from the outside doesn't need this ability and shoulder charge being used to change mid air direction, thus thwarting a rocket flying at you, but just for the rest of you: Striker class ability to swapped. Titan melee hits rocket and reverses it's tracking polarity, rocket flies up into the air and explodes well outside of blast radius. If cluster missiles/bombs still present, they still track/drop per normal. Feel free to add, modify, or like/dislike all you want.

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