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8/22/2013 1:20:08 AM

A statement to virgins

Like some (most) of you here, I'm still a virgin at 18. Some of you are younger and others are older. However, I believe that if we do not acquire girlfriends soon, we're going to wind up in a trap. Allow me to explain. Obviously when you're young, you're really horny and stuff. And yes, this does apply to girls even though most try to hide it. And obviously at a young age, very few girls would actually want a baby and a lot would like to enjoy sex better so would be up for going on the pill so you wouldn't need to wear a condumb. Now, when you get older, this may seem like it could be the same situation but there is a much larger chance of a girl springing their trap. Their biological clock will be ticking so as they get older, they're more likely to want a baby. So as you get older, you're more likely to get with a girl the same age as you. You may want to experience sex in it's purest form and suggest the pill. Now, this give her a perfect chance. She can tell you that she's taken it but hasn't. Next thing you know, bam! She's pregnant. And you're in a sticky situation. She's basically milked you for what she wants and you're more obliged to stay with her. If you don't, you're still going to have a kid out there. So there's a depressing thing for you. The older you get while still being a virgin, the less time you're going to have to enjoy young sex where the girl won't want to get preggers. How depressing

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