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2/18/2015 10:47:53 AM

OldGuysRule of Destiny (on PS4) are recruiting (all levels and abilities) - Older but still passionate about their gaming!

OldGuysRule of Destiny are Looking for new members!! We are a small, friendly group of older gamers passionate about gaming. Many of us were there at the start of PC/Console gaming, some have never stopped, some have returned to gaming and some are new to gaming all together. We meet daily at irregular intervals for anything, and regularly on Tuesday Eves for Raids and Weekends for raids, crucible etc If you've never raided and want to, this is the place for you (you will be guided through and have a great laugh doing it!!) So if you think the clan suits you: You need to: Be older, 35+ or feel like it. Still have a passion for gaming or have just started and are keen to meet other like minded gamer's. Meet online regularly for Raids, Strikes, Crucible, Weekly Heroic, Nightfall etc. Willing to help new members with advice and tips. Not be to serious. and above all else enjoy gaming.

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