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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
3/5/2015 10:37:26 AM

Post Crota giggles

Morning fellow Guardians, So I'm sure by now everyone has tried the myth of waiting after a crota kill to get exotics. It's a good 5mins til you are returned to orbit, and a relatively boring wait. In my usual raid group they have come up with an amusing little time waster. The chalice challenge. As we know, the chalice sticks around post Crota so we've started having a little fun with it in the form of tag so to speak. Everyone is stood where Crota has just been annihilated and the fireteam leader takes the chalice. The challenge is simple, the fireteam leader can only return us to orbit in possession of the chalice. Cue a rather fun game of pass the chalice, keeping it away from the FTL for as long as possible. Despite its simplicity, it's quite fun and quite an art to try and get to orbit with the chalice. Mid-air steals, off putting supers, risky jumps to 'safe' spots to give enough time to get to orbit, sneaky last second saves. It's just a bit of a laugh to pass the time or do something a little different in your fireteams. Just thought I'd share, as it can be rather entertaining. Credit to Raiders of TP for the giggles. Amishmonk currently holds the quickest chalice to orbit time in about 15seconds.

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