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3/3/2015 5:44:13 PM

Some Suggestions for Destiny?

Over the past few days, I've been thinking about how we could make the game a little better. I've pulled most of my ideas from previous games, but here are some of my suggestions: 1. Add matchmaking "super" events. If any of you have any experience with Fiesta Online, these are called "Kingdom Quests". Essentially, every hour, there are time slots that players sign up for, and spots are very limited. Players sign up for something along the lines of a super raid/strike. There were about 10-15 slots for one event (keep in mind that there will be multiple copies of the event to join as well), and the players would have to work together to battle against multiple enemies in large waves, and eventually face a SUPER boss at the end. Of course, the boss would have large amounts of health and spawn mobs and do a lot of damage itself. In the end, players would receive very good gear for their efforts -- if they succeeded. This could potentially fix the issue of players unable to join raid events. 2. Add a crafting system to the game. ACTUAL CRAFTING. When I think of crafting, I think of the Monster Hunter series. For every kill you get in that game, you can harvest that creature for materials to craft new weapons and armour with unique looks, shaders, and abilities. Now, with the engram system in Destiny, mobs could spawn "engrams" (at a very low rate since we kill so many) that includes a weapon part. You would need x amount of different parts from different creatures to create a piece of gear. I remember playing Monster Hunter for over 600+ hours without tiring because I wanted to get that really rare part for a new sword. We could then use the weaponsmith for this mechanic. For example, a Hive Wizard weapon could do Arc Damage and fire in annoying pulses like Wizards. 3. Add weapon skins and be able to pick up enemy weapons. Weapon skins would add a very customizable aspect to the game. In crucible, someone could kill you and the weapon that you are carrying (like in Halo), and they could see the weapon skin (which may be rare) or any customizations that you have put on the gun. This could add a "Wow. This guy has X weapon skin. It looks so cool. I wish I had that" portion to the game, unlike the ever-increasing common exotics. If you guys have any opinions or suggestions, let me know in the comments below!

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