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2/20/2015 6:13:52 AM

My school sucks

Ok, I want you to know something, this is a good school but the people suck and so do some of the teachers, like the one I'm about to describe. So earlier this year we were assigned gym lockers for class, to store our clothes and stuff in (you get the drill) and I was that one kid to get locker 69. Granted I do go to middle school, so it was not a shocker when I went to go put my clothes in my locker strapped where it said locker 69 was a big picture of people doing the sex position. I thought "Great just another thing to deal with," as I ripped it off my locker. Granted I was already having a terrible day dealing with a bunch of crap I'm not going to go over. But as I'm ripping down the paper I didn't notice that the gym teacher was standing right behind me, he said " what is that?!" So I showed him the paper and got 1 after school detention and 4 lunch detentions for: Unacceptable behavior. Can any of you guys agree that this was a stupid ruling?! [spoiler]also we had a two hour delay today and my dad grounded me from video games for : not getting up well enough... Anyone else think this is crap too??[/spoiler]

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