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2/19/2015 8:22:42 PM

The Lost Ronin 24/7 raids, strikes, nightfall and events!! (Are now Recruiting)

I'm one of the Admins of 'The Lost Ronin' A Xbox 360/PS4 Mature Active clan looking for active and mature players. We are doing everything from Raids to Crucibles. Looking for Any Class Guardians and Mature Players at Level 28 or above. Me and my fellow members will be happy to help everyone when you need help! Pls comment below on ur guardian and add in ur GT. Looking forward to seeing anyone that's interested to join, thanks and have a good day! (Note) It is now a requirement for members to have the clan name on your player card in Destiny. If you need help in doing this there is a thread labeled 'Important Clan Tag Announcement' on our clan forums explaining how to do so as well as covering some other info. If you do not have this on 48 hours after joining you will be removed from the clan. Click this following link to join and send Xbox/PS4 Clan Requests and chat on our Clan Page:

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