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10/31/2014 8:39:29 AM

Game Etiquette

Ya know there are just too many A holes in this world, why come to a peaceful gaming world? If you see someone doing something in an area say oh trying to get 2 kills 20 times with a fusion rifle for a bounty why come in and kill their enemies off then salute them or wave to them as to say "ha there ya go[b] d***!![/b]" Also If you invite someone to a raid and you go as far as you can for the night and tell them we will finish tomorrow, why in the hell would you send that person an invite the next night and five seconds later fill it with someone who wasn't even in the previous raid the night before, and fill your spot? and then not have the decency or Integrity to respond to their many chat messages asking whats going on, why did you invite them boot me, and ignore me? For years now I have been playing MMOs and online shooters and you run into all kinds but I have[u][i][b] never[/b][/i] [/u]had the problem this bad with game etiquette until now. Gamers, take 5 seconds and see if a gamer is doing something before you go in and start blasting, I understand you have things to do too, but there are other areas on that planet that you can dwell and hunt in...Thank you for your time, I hope this reaches some people at the least. Ruthless SmÄk Clan Leader for [b]Simple But Deadly[/b]

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