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2/4/2013 1:37:29 AM

Worst death scenes? [You're an idiot if you don't expect spoilers]

Now, video games have had some pretty bad death scenes throughout their history, but I'm pretty confident that Mass Effect 3 has the most number of terrible death scenes (though it has some damn good ones, like Mordin's and Legion's). You have the email deaths (KAL REEGAR? WHYYYYYYY?), and this random a$$ death of Emily Wong on Twitter, and abrupt, terribly acted ones like Cortez ([url=]STEEEEEEE-[/url]). But [I]none[/I] quite match [url=]this[/url], in my opinion. Usually in a bad death scene I'm raging at the devs for sucking at their jobs (which Bioware tends to do a lot these days, IMO). Not this time. I just watched it for the first time and I can't stop laughing. So what about you guys? What are the worst death scenes in video game history?

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