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Editado por BeanSquian: 7/29/2021 7:14:31 PM

[XBOX/NA] The Nine's Exiled (Endgame PvE clan) is Recruiting!!!

Do you want a reliable roster of active players that are active daily, doing just about everything? If yes, then this is the place for you! We are a PvE clan with a small PvP audience. We have many active players in an established clan of 6+ years that are always ready to help. [u]If you're in the UK:[/u] We have a sister clan that we work with, strictly UK, that are former clan members who'll gladly take you. Their requirements and atmosphere mirror that of our clan. They are the [quote]Variant of the Vanguard[/quote] ( [u]To Join our Group:[/u] - [b]Upvote[/b] this post. - [b]Reply[/b] with your interest and whether US or UK. [i]If UK, we'll send you along to chat with the UK admins.[/i] - Wait for our reply. One of our Admins will Direct Message you via [u]Clan Requirements:[/u] - Must be 18+ - Discord [b]REQUIRED[/b] - Bring a willingness to join and contribute actively to our clan and Discord. - Bring a good attitude, let go of the ego. - Must at [b]LEAST[/b] stay active on the Discord server. - If you get offended easily, this might not be the place for you. - Drama Free. We are here to have fun. [u]Game Requirements:[/u] - Must have the latest expansion/season. - Must have at least one character above 1310 power. - Experience in endgame content such as Grandmaster Nightfalls, Raids, and Dungeons. - Minimum of 5 clears across all raids (retired raids can be included as well). - [i]If you have no raid clears due to lack of a fireteam, or are interested in raiding, let us know[/i] - Willingness to learn and take constructive criticism. We don't bully, we offer advice to help you get better. [u]What we Offer:[/u] - Help with anything the game can offer. - An active roster and organized Discord server. - Chances to hop in on several weekly activities like raids, dungeons, etc. - Multiple members who are patient, willing, and able to sherpa activities.

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