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7/29/2021 7:46:39 AM

Strike Team Echo [PC/Xbox]

Looking for a clan that's got a name that just sounds right? [b]Strike Team Echo[/b] has got you covered. Like the name suggest, we focus on Nightfall strikes mainly. [u]Legend/Master/Grand Master.[/u] Though we'd like to expand our team to include raiding as well. Our clan loves gambit but does not force you to play it. We're looking to recruit members all the time. We're almost done maxing out our Clan rank and would be happy to have you as part of the team. If you ever need help with challenging content or like helping others in higher end PVE content, then we invite you play along. We also like taking clan photo's together so if your into to fashion and showing off, this is the right clan. [url=]Clan Photo example[/url] Voice chat is always optional and not required. =) One last note, we're looking for mature and/or fun guardians. [u]We will not take any toxic members in this clan, harassing other members is not allowed.[/u] [url=]Clan Link[/url] Our discord: [i]We provide discord ranks based on your clan accomplishments.[/i]

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