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7/26/2021 8:54:31 PM

Protector of The Vault. Clan recruiting to any chill Destiny Players from Playstation, Xbox, Stadia and Steam. Discord Server included

[b]Introduction[/b] Hello Fellow Guardians ! I've made a clan and a discord server for those who are Chill, Willing to do, Helping others, Vibing or Having Fun ! [b]About the Clan[/b] Protector of The Vault is a clan for the chills folks out there ! Those wants to do Raids, Dungeons, Trials, Crucible, Gambit or Other Activities ! I've made a discord server here's what its got! LFG of Any platforms, Social Channels, and Self Promo like example posting clips of Destiny 1 or 2, maybe others! [b]Rules[/b] 1. Respect others ! 2. Don't be rude to others ! [b]JOIN NOW TO HAVE A GOOD CHILL TIME![/b] If this clan is for you, feel free to join in ! Those joined in, The Vault will be open to discord users via Private Message me !

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