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7/19/2021 9:13:35 PM

Playstation Clan | Recruiting | Raids & End Game Clan

We Who Wander Destiny 2 Clan We Who Wander is recruiting again! We have been a clan since D1 release: 6+ Years and counting! With members who are heavily invested in Raids and other End-Game activities. All of our members are above +18 years of age and share a mutual kindness and respect for one another. We are LBGT+ & female friendly (including female/male admins), but are accepting of all others as well! Our members know how to have fun in a laid-back atmosphere while still getting the most challenging of activities done. All of our members are English speaking with mics. Communication is critical in the most challenging of Destiny 2’s content and we find that this is one of the keys to constant success. While most of our current members know the steps of the current raids and activities, we are happy to teach people who do not! As long as you are able to hold your own and listen we will help to guide you! Our clan completes all of Hawthornes weekly clan engram challenges, and we frequently run Nightfalls etc.. to help everyone get their weekly drops done! We Who Wander uses Discord for most communication, event organization, news, memes and more! Our members and leaders have been hosting in clan events and challenges. So if you enjoy some friendly competition with your clan mates feel free to join in! (or not!) Does all of this sound like a good fit to you? Send us a request here - - upon approval you will be invited to the clan chat. We look forward to playing with you! All the best, We Who Wander

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