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☀ SUNBLOODS is looking for chill and active members! • NA/EU • PC • Sherpas • Discord Required ☀

[b][/b] Sunbloods is an inclusive, PvE-based clan looking for new members to guide through beginning and endgame content, providing a friendly and memorable experience along the way! We are a small family of different demographics, time zones, and experience levels all helping each other out in a variety of activities in-game and having fun out-of-game together! Despite being primarily a Sherpa-based clan, we enjoy other activities together such as Crucible, Iron Banner, Trials, and even endgame activities like Grandmasters and Master Raids. Since we're very communication heavy, we require the use of Discord and the availability of a decent microphone. If you're unable to talk, however you're able to join us in our Discord server, we will try our best to make accommodations on your situation. If you prefer being alone in a clan, we might not be the best for you. [i]We also offer other activities such as:[/i] [spoiler]• Scheduled weekly raids and activities. • A Bedrock-based Minecraft server. • Discord servers doubles as an LFG for help with whatever you may need. • Upcoming weekly movie nights with player-based voting. • Upcoming weekly Crucible private match tournaments and scrims. [/spoiler] [i]If you're interested in any of what we offer, then:[/i] [spoiler]• Upvote this post and feel free to either contact the admins (Sapphonic#7777, Scourge#3541) on Discord. [b]Or[/b] • Upvote this post, send a clan request, and we'll get back to you with an invite link to our Discord server. [/spoiler] Happy raiding, Guardians!

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